Honeymoon in Hawaii Online Journal
9/8/2002 - 9/21/2002
Jason Victor

Day 0 - 9/8/2002 - Wedding Day

Weather: Sunny
Location: Voorhees, NJ & Philly, PA

Editor's Note: I bet you're wondering how I am writing about the wedding and Vegas in a Hawaiian Journal when I haven't gone to Hawaii yet. Answer: I cheated. I started the journal on Day 3.

The wedding day is pretty well chronicled already. See Saj's pictures of the morning. :) Also, see the wedding video and photos when they come in. I'm glad everyone had a great time. There's so much to write about that I would fill this book, so we're just going to hope I get everything on video!

That night Rhonda and Agnes dropped us off at the Rittenhouse hotel in Philly. Nice place! They upgraded our room because we just got married! It was like a $600 a night room for $200!

There was a nice park outside the hotel where we bought sandwiches and something to drink and talked about the wedding. I can't believe we're married! I introduce Hilary now as "my wife." Not "my girlfriend"; not "my "fiancÚ"; but "my wife!"

Tomorrow, we get up and we're off to Vegas!

Memorable advice:
"Try and join the mile-high club."

"You can never have enough lingerie and remote-controls"
     -Ed Feldman

"Never go to bed angry. If you do, I hope you feel guilty."
     -Rabbi Bleefeld

"Always remember your husband's/wife's face on your wedding day. You'd be surprised what it can get you through."
     -Rabbi Bleefeld


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