Honeymoon in Hawaii Online Journal
9/8/2002 - 9/21/2002
Jason Victor

Day 1 - 9/10/2002 - Viva Las Vegas!

Weather: Cool at 87
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

After getting up, getting to the airport, stopping over in St. Louis, and flying to Vegas, we're finally here!

We're staying at the Aladdin! It's a new hotel that looks like the inside of a genie's lamp!

(Gambling losses = $7.75)

We decided that we wanted to eat at the Mirage Buffet, so we walked and made pigs of ourselves.

After that, we stopped by the Bellagio to watch the fountain show which incidentally, we could see from our bedroom window (we got a nicer room because it was our honeymoon).

We walked the rest of the way home to the Aladdin (mostly to digest) and called it an early night. Tomorrow we have to be at the airport by 4:00 am.



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