Europe Journal
5/16/2001 - 6/3/2001
Jason Victor

Day 1/Day 2 - 5/15-5/16 - Tired Travel Days

Weather: On and Off rain/Partly sunny. Mid 60's. Breezy
Location: Paris, France

We ate our last Big Mac at McDonalds yesterday before we hopped on a 7.5 hour plane ride direct to Paris. The flight was delayed about a half-hour, but we were in no hurry.

When we arrived in Paris (well outside of Paris, really) we got rushed through customs and our wait begun for picking up our luggage. I swear they always put mine on the bottom of the plane.

When we arrived in Paris, we took a brief visit to a travel office to give us directions to our hotel. We dragged our luggage through the streets of Paris to our hotel. It's a nice place (our own shower) and it's cheap. Only about half the people we met here speak English, so we were forced to rely on what we learned in college: how to stumble through French vocabulary words to communicate. It's worked so far and the people seem very nice.

After we put our bags in our room, we went to a cafe to have some lunch (or dinner, or mid-night snack) =) We sat outside and drank cappuccino and ate chicken sandwiches.

Then we took a four-hour nap so that we could stand up straight while sight-seeing. We took a trek out to see "Centre Pompidou" (a new-age art museum) and the fountain outside.

We went in and took an escalator to the top to see the best view of Paris!

We could see the Notre Dame Cathedral the Eiffel Tower and even that church on the hill I could never remember the name of in French class [the "Sacre Coeur"]

It started getting late (after seeing the exhibits) so we trekked back to the hotel for some shut-eye. (right now)

Also (I forgot) we went to an internet cafe to email home! It was great! I felt still connected to my friends and family back home in the states.